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A family-oriented commerce producing now the highest quality of premium virgin coconut oil

Cocopo Coconut Products is a family-oriented commerce producing now the highest quality of aqueous/cold process Virgin Coconut Oil from highly integrated machineries made in Sweden.  We are proud to inform that we are the only virgin coconut oil producer in the country that uses this innovative technology in oil extraction which retains all its organic and pure fundamental nature.  With the kind of technology we comprise, we are scaling-up to producing 100 tons of virgin coconut oil per month.  The factory was erected in 2013 and is strategically located in Tayabas, Quezon Province.

We aim to diversify our finest output not only in the international market but locally as well.  Our company desires not just to uplift the livelihood of coconut farmers but to also edify and modernize the machineries and technology of virgin coconut oil manufacturers in the Philippines to elevate the standard of our produce and to be recognized worldwide with our world-class Philippine product.  In lieu, we intentionally invest in such integrated equipments and machineries and engage in setting up an industrial unit for interested entrepreneurs.

As we seek excellence in our product quality standard, we are committed to further improvements not limiting ourselves to continued training within our management and production employees.